45 Allen St. Rochester, NH. Suite 4 (603) 948-9868 (Located between Fastenal and Federated Auto Parts)
45 Allen St.  Rochester, NH.  Suite 4    (603) 948-9868(Located between Fastenal and Federated Auto Parts)   

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Here is an example of 2 spark plugs recently removed from a V6 engine. Known as 100,000 mile plugs which is when the manufacturer recommends replacement. In reality they are pretty much used up by around 80,000 miles. In cases like this worn out plugs cause an additional load on your vehicles ignition system causing failure of spark plug wires, ignition coils and even the engine control module. When those items fail they cause failure of the catalytic converter. If your "Check Engine Light" is flashing at you, I suggest stop driving the car and have it towed to your regular service shop and have it checked. Flashing engine lights are warnings of a catalyst damaging misfire and can be extremely costly if ignored and not repaired right away. In this example a lot of money could have possibly been saved by performing some routine maintenance.


Always important to use a timing belt kit when replacing a timing belt if available. If a kit is not available replacing individual components is recommended. The belt is not the only part that can fail and cause extensive engine damage. Tensioners & pulleys, idler pulleys and water pump failures will in most cases result in the same catastrophic failure of the engine.  Recommended replacement intervals are generally between 65-85,000 miles.

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